Five Signs of Animal in Attic

If you do not physically see the animal, it can sometimes be very challenging to figure out what kind of animal you are dealing with. If you are unsure, we recommend calling a professional wildlife removal company.

Five Signs You Have an Animal in Your Attic

  1. Strange noises in your attic or wall – vocal noises, scurrying, scampering, thumps
  2. Damage to the outside of your property or an entry point – many animals will utilize construction gaps while others will cause damage to enter your home
  3. Unusual water leak – it is possible for animals to damage water lines or chew into them for a source of water
  4. Unexpected power issue – rodents like squirrels and rats are chewers and will chew anything to help trim their teeth
  5. An aroma of ammonia in or around your home – the longer an animal is in your attic, the more the animal will urinate, and you may start to smell it

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