Gophers are a type of rodent that spends their life creating underground burrows. Even though it’s rare to see a gopher, the marks of an extensive burrowing network are easily noticeable above ground.

If there are gophers in your yard, it’s time to learn how to identify and eliminate this pervasive issue.

Gopher Removal Strategies

Since gophers can build extensive burrows that could impact your home’s structural integrity, it’s a good idea to work on removal sooner rather than later. Gophers can congregate in groups of up to 60 animals per acre. So, it’s clear that this problem can get out of hand quickly.

We can set traps and poison bait to get rid of your gophers. After your property is clear of gophers, it’s time to consider long-term prevention strategies. One option we provide is fences that extend deep into the ground to prevent future guests.

If you are concerned about gophers, call in professional help to eliminate the problem.

Risks of gophers in your home

Gophers are proficient diggers that can create an extensive burrow system.

Depending on the number of gophers in your yard, a single burrow system can cover between 200 to 2,000 square feet. The burrows are usually 6 to 12 inches below ground. But nesting and food storage chambers can be up to 6 feet deep. When a burrow extends under the foundation of your home, that can lead to potential structural damage.

However, you are more likely to encounter damage in your yard. A gopher burrow system will leave evidence of tunnel systems above ground. The mounds and tunnels are tripping hazards to be avoided.

And of course, any landscaping or gardens on your property are at risk when a gopher is around. The plant-eating creatures always enjoy a tasty treat from homeowners’ gardens.

Where to look for gopher problems

The subterranean lifestyle of gophers means that it’s unlikely to make its way into your home. Although the rodents might not get into your home, they can make their way under the foundation of your home.

If you spot gopher mounds in the yard, try to follow the tunnels to see if any end up under your house. Although gophers in the yard can be a nuisance to gardeners, gopher burrows could impact the structural integrity of your foundation.