The need for wildlife removal is growing as the population of the U.S. continues to grow. When faced with a wildlife problem, we tend to think it is the wildlife that is encroaching on our neighborhoods, but the reality is that we are encroaching on their habitats.

We build new homes, roads, schools, hospitals, malls, and more in areas wildlife call home. They depend on these habitats for the food, water, and shelter they need to survive and thrive. As people encroach upon these wildlife habitats, the wildlife has little choice but to adapt to life in close proximity to us, taking advantage of the food and shelter we create for ourselves.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

Nuisance wildlife removal is a specialty business. Wildlife is the best outside of your home or business for health and safety reasons. From bats in the attic or squirrels in the roof(soffits or wall void) to getting rid of mice or rats, an expert is best to get rid of animals in your house.

We like Trutech Wildlife Service as many of their managers are trained biologists. We also like to recommend Critter Control for their expertise and knowledge of proper techniques to solve animal problems. It’s important to hire an expert wildlife company opposed to a pest control company due to various state laws and regulations.

Why Wildlife Removal?

Wild animals can adapt to living in homes and do structural damage. They also pose a threat to people and pets. Squirrels and rats gnaw on electrical wires in the attic, which poses a serious fire hazard. Other risks include:

  • Destruction of drywall and insulation
  • Death in wall causing foul smells
  • Feces or ectoparasites which can cause disease
  • Damage to personal items

How do bats, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife enter my home?

Attics are a common place wildlife find refuge. They then create entry points for other larger pests or even create paths for more of similar pests.Other places include under homes and porches,basements, or crawlspaces. We even find raccoons in chimneys!

A professional knows the proper exclusion methods when sealing your hometo ensure animals, once removed, do not return. Exclusion work is a big part of wildlife services. Learn more here.